General Questions

*prep guides with more detailed tips and information  for specific sessions will be provided upon booking*


Do you have a studio?

At this time, all sessions are held outdoors or at the client's home.


How do we book a session?

To book a session a retainer fee and contract must be filled out within 2-3 days of discussing and choosing a session date. Your session is not booked until both are complete, and failure to do so in a timely manner may result in the date no longer being available. In general, I am usually booking 2-4 months in advance, so booking early is very important to ensure availability.


Do you hold sessions on weekends?

I typically work 2 Saturday's every month. Sessions also take place Monday- Friday, in the evenings. Outdoor maternity sessions usually take place about an hour before sunset, Monday through Friday.


Do you have evening or late afternoon hours in studio?



Can I take pictures with my phone during the session?

If you would like to take a few photos to document your experience at the session, that is fine, providing you are not going in front of me while I am working and possibly taking time away from the shoot.


When do I get to see my images? What is your turn around time?

I usually will post a sneak peek of your session, which includes 4-5 finished images, on my blog for you to see within 2-3 days of the session. The full gallery will be emailed to you within 2 weeks of the session. Your gallery will be active for one week, so in that time you will be able to download your files.

If you order prints through your gallery, or other products such as canvases or albums, they can take anywhere from 1 - 3 weeks to be delivered.


Our wedding photographer did such a great job photographing our wedding, and he says he offers newborn sessions as well. Is there a difference between hiring him or you?

Yes. There absolutely is! Everyone has a talent, and just because we are both photographers, it does not mean  we can simply go from photographing one type of session to another. I would never photograph a wedding, it is completely different than photographing children and babies, and I do not expect a wedding photographer to be able to switch gears and photograph newborns.

 I am trained in newborn posing, safety and the correct handling of babies. I am very experienced in achieving positions and poses that are specific to newborn photography that does take a very long time to master.

Secondly, I have everything needed for the session. I provide props, clothing, wraps, blankets, and even clothing for the new mother to wear during the session. ( You will be shocked when you see all the amazing goodies I have!)

I also have the proper lighting, space, and knowledge required for specializing in newborn photography.



Where should I get my prints and wall decor printed once I download my images?

The best option will always be to order prints and other products directly through your online gallery. Your images should be a work of art on your wall. I work with a fabulous professional printing lab that I have my computer fully calibrated with and so I can assure that the prints colors, saturation, lightness/darkness, and overall image quality are perfect. I can not same the same for the cheaper online or chain store options, and that is why I can only guarantee the quality of products you order through your gallery. If you are going to order on your own, the only website I recommend is, who offer a really great product at the consumer level. Which ever you decide, please print your images! CDs will not last forever, and the only way to ensure that you keep your memories for a lifetime is through high quality art products.


What should we wear to the session? Do you provide clothing?

I provide gowns for maternity sessions, post-partum blouses and all the necessary clothing and wraps for dressing the baby during a newborn session. I do not provide clothing for cake smash or mini sessions.

Parents should wear clothing that has great texture, combines layers, and does not have loud patterns or large logos. I always recommend earth tones and neutrals. I do not recommend dressing in an overly formal way, because then you tend to look less comfortable. Dark jeans are great to pair with flowy tops, crisp new t-shirts, or button down shirts with the sleeves rolled up. Children can wear coordinating tops and pants, and everyone does not need to wear the same color for the clothing to look great. You can always send me pictures of what you are thinking of wearing for me to review.


Can my husband or children be in the photos? Is that an extra charge?

All maternity and newborn sessions include family and sibling photos for no additional charge. We may also be able to take a few photos like this during a cake smash session, time permitting.


A few other things to consider...

Your children will do best if they are well rested, and full! 

If we are shooting on location, make sure to bring snacks and drinks for them so we can take little breaks if they get hungry.  Please do not schedule a session around nap or meal time.

With that being said, clean mouths, noses, and hands are really important!  Even though I can touch up most crumbs or messes on the face, it can be hard and some times not possible. It is best to be aware of runny noses so that we can make things easier during the sessions. Wipes are a great thing to have for such clean ups. Chap stick is also important. Many parents may not think of that before the shoot, but dry lips are definitely unflattering.