Newborn Session Information

Baby’s 1st photo shoot! Below is a list of suggestions and recommendations to make your session the best it can be!



Newborn portraits are best created within the first 5-10 days of the baby being born. If the baby is healthy and mom is doing well, I prefer to photograph in the first week. During this first week, the baby is still very sleepy and most pose-able. I can mold them and put them in to all of the adorable poses that families have grown to love. They will not be like this for long because they change and grow so quickly.

Unless you are having a scheduled c-section, you are not going to know when your baby will be born. Your due date will be added to my calendar. I leave time in my schedule around your due date to ensure I can schedule your session. As soon as baby is born, please have someone call me so we can arrange to have your session take place within those precious first 10 days.

Before being photographed there are a few things to consider, so please read the following points for a few simple ideas to make the experience more worthwhile:

First and foremost, please try to keep your baby awake at least 2-3 hours prior to the session.  This will help to ensure that your baby is tired and will stay asleep during your session. If the baby is asleep for a long time prior to taking pictures, chances are they will be awake and very hard to get back to sleep, making it more difficult to get them in those cute newborn poses. 

1.Please arrange your time so baby will be fed here prior to the shoot so they are very sleepy and happy, and please take time to burp them to avoid the baby becoming gassy during the session.

2. Please do not dress baby, but wrap and cover so they do not have to be disturbed.

3.  The baby will be naked for photographs, but posed so that all private areas are covered.

4. The shoot may last up to 4 hours; getting them to sleep before posing them takes time and they may need to be fed during the shoot also.

5. Your little darling will poo and pee on all the props. This is natural and expected. Please do not feel embarrassed when this happens, because they all do it. Any experienced newborn photographer will be completely accepting and expecting of this fact.

6. Breast feeding mommies! There are certain foods that you should definitely avoid for a 2-3 days before the session to limit gassiness, and restlessness during your session. Foods such as coffee, chocolate, and soda can keep the baby awake because of the caffeine. Citrus fruits can cause gas, spitting up, and diaper rash. Dairy can be another culprit of colic symptoms, as well as broccoli, nuts, and wheat.  Seems like a long list....But avoiding these foods will more than likely ensure a happy and calm tummy for your little one.

6. It is best to keep your home warmer than usual to keep your baby sleepy and comfortable during the session! So please wear light clothes or layers to ensure your comfort.

7. Please have a pacifier handy! Even if you are against pacifiers, or do not plan on using one with your child, I highly recommend having one for the session.  It will help soothe the baby when he or she becomes restless, making it much easier to continue with the photographs. 

8. Don’t worry about baby acne or little scratches. My expert retouching will either eliminate or drastically minimize these. If your baby has extremely dry skin, try putting baby lotion etc. on prior to coming to your session and bringing extra with you. This will help the retouching process.


And finally....

No matter what your baby does, please know that I am always relaxed. I do this all the time and have seen everything. Your session should be a special experience for you and stress free. Babies can sense stress and it usually makes them cry more. I allow plenty of time for your session and if we need to take a break to feed, walk, rock, etc. we can do that. I want you to enjoy the experience of your session and this special bonding moment for your family.